The Aguzzafame Cascina
Noah’s Arc on the “Colli Piacentini”

“Who thinks the legendary McKenzie farm exists only in the comic books of Lupo Alberto has to change his mind. It is sufficient to climb on the Colli Piacentini (hills near Piacenza), find the village of Piani di Mansano and ask of Cascina Aguzzafame: you will be drawn into a natural paradise only one hour from Milan” (from magazine “Anna” n.37)

The passion for animals has transformed, through the years, this farmhouse into a real “farm”, shelter for many species of courtyard animals. Thanks to the warm care of their owner Delia and her daughter Barbara, they happily prosper… expecially for the joy of the smaller ones!!

The guests who will be walking by the fences of the farmhouse, can make acquaintance with Gigi, the old pork, or call by name the horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, goats and all the other members of the cheerful brigade.

Who is lucky, walking in the farmyard, will find eggs who some of our careless ducks, geese or hen have left behind….

The more daring kids can be carried around the farm from Pasquale, the warm donkey, and at the end of the day they will feed those animals who have been more friendly with them.

The farm has rooms with private bathroom, and provides to guests a succulent breakfast, made of home made genuine products. To please further the palate with typical products and local wines, there are popular agrotourisms in the surroundings.

To digest these delicacies, nearby it is possible to take walks, excursions, mountain bike rides, play football and tennis.
The more expert can horse ride or play golf; the daredevil can throw themselves into rafting, paragliding, greek roman battles in mud, etc; the more relaxed ones with no doubt a comfortable card game or table game like Monopoli.

Goodbye and see you soon, in our Noah’s Arc.